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Message From The Chairman

Dear Investors,

İzmir; in every period of its 8,500-year history your production, of trade and has become the center of exports. In the world one of the oldest port cities İzmir, over 4 million dynamic population, educated and highly committed workforce; in the far west of the east, located in the east of the west with its unique cosmopolitan identity investments with high vision is the address.

İzmir Free Zone (İZBAŞ) companies with this vision being one of the most important addresses in İzmir is proud of. Transaction volume has increased more than five times in the last six years, of our region high value added investments while it is an indication that it has an address; the 38 percent growth we achieved in 2022 and 535 million dollars export to raise our level much higher we are working.

Türkiye's best working and adding value at the highest scale İZBAŞ, which is among the free zones, Europe's to the largest wind turbine blade factory by hosting renewable energy sector in equipment production on its way to becoming a cluster center is advancing rapidly.

Of this energy with its reflection on our business results, of the Republic of Türkiye in its 100th year 750 million dollars export and our 1.5 billion dollar transaction volume targets we believe that we will achieve it.

In 1997 by the decision of the Council of Ministers İZBAŞ declared a Free Zone; as of today leather, chemistry, food, chemical fertilizer, electrical-electronics, automotive, plastic pipe profile, marble and natural stone, composite blade, medical equipment, elevator lifting and transport equipment sectors includes manufacturing companies. 

İzmir Alsancak and Aliağa-Nemrut ports equidistant positioning, highway and proximity to road connections, its location 30 minutes away from İzmir city center both companies and offers employees a unique time management advantage.

A perfectly functioning system demand of investors and understand your expectations and consisting of professionals who can quickly produce proactive solutions strong structure and have service staff. Our investor companies to operate most efficiently and to achieve sustainable success in their production our strong organization constantly renewed and developing.

Me and all my teammates; environment, human and respect to nature, global production and sustainable growth of trade happy to contribute. All companies that want to invest in İZBAŞ; transparent, predictable and an accountable business model we are ready to welcome you.

To all our participating companies their trust in us and thanking them for their support, with new investment areas many more investors we also want to keep the privilege of İZBAŞ ı want to proudly express.

Best Regards.

Eyüp Sevimli

İzmir Free Zone Founder and Operator Inc.

Chairman of the Board

Email: info@izbas.net


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