İzbaş | Operational Advantages | Rapid Service Structure

Rapid Service Structure

Our most important working policy is to ensure the satisfaction of companies operating in various sectors in İZBAŞ, to provide our existing services in the best way and to improve our service quality. For this, user satisfaction surveys and analyzes are carried out every year. With the Integrated Management Systems implemented within İZBAŞ, it provides services that will provide optimum benefit to users by aiming at continuous improvement and renewal.

The integrated structure of the region and its absence from the bureaucratic hierarchy save time for the users operating as well as providing a fast solution.

Sale of Land and Building With Title Deed

A building-plot can be provided for the investors who will make production to deliver the title deed immediately. The provision of title deeded building and land is an important advantage in the preference of İzmir Free Zone.

  • 15 years for tenant-user companies leasing ready-to-use workplaces,
  • 20 years for manufacturer-tenant-user companies leasing ready-to-use workplaces,
  • 30 years for investor-user companies that build their own business,
  • 45 years for manufacturer-investor-user companies that build their own business, operating license is issued.

Land and buildings can be leased or servitude rights up to 49 years can be established on them.

İzbaş | Operational Advantages | Sale of Land and Building With Title Deed
İzbaş | Operational Advantages | Rental Options

Rental Options

There are indoor or warehouse rental options starting from 200 m2 with loading and unloading services.
İzbaş | Operational Advantages | Landscape and Environmental Cleaning

Landscape and Environmental Cleaning

Environmental cleaning, landscaping works and domestic garbage collection are carried out with our wide machine park and professional teams of İZBAŞ. In addition, the landscape requests of the users are also met by us. It is among the greenest regions of Turkey with its plant and tree diversity grown in the nursery in our region.
İzbaş | Operational Advantages | Loading and Unloading

Loading and Unloading

Handling and stacking of goods entering and leaving the region can be provided by İZBAŞ upon request. Loading and unloading operations can be carried out with forklifts and elements in the region.
İzbaş | Operational Advantages | Electricity and Natural Gas Services

Electricity and Natural Gas Services

Electricity and Natural Gas distribution is within İZBAŞ. In case of emergency solution and intervention, our experienced team is available 24/7.
İzbaş | Operational Advantages | Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater Treatment Plant

With the modern wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 2000 m3 per day, the wastewater of many different sectors is treated within the scope of the relevant regulations.
İzbaş | Operational Advantages | Solar Drying Plant

Solar Drying Plant

İZBAŞ is the only free zone in Turkey with solar drying system. Solar energy is used for sludge drying and energy is saved. The solar drying system with high efficiency and capacity is among the most important investments of our region within the scope of sustainable energy and environment.
İzbaş | Operational Advantages | Waste Collection

Waste Collection

Wastes with appropriate properties within the region are collected by İZBAŞ in accordance with the regulations.
İzbaş | Operational Advantages | DBA Port Integrated Weighbridge Service

DBA Port Integrated Weighbridge Service

The trucks loaded from İZBAŞ shall be weighed with the weighbridge integrated to the port with DBA and shall leave the region by obtaining the DBA certificate approved by the Ministry of Transport Infrastructure and shall be loaded directly to the ship without waiting for weighing in the port.
İzbaş | Operational Advantages | Food/Catering Services

Food/Catering Services

Personnel meal/catering service is provided for İZBAŞ users.
İzbaş | Operational Advantages | Joint Health and Safety Unit

Joint Health and Safety Unit

Professional health services and occupational safety services are provided with the Joint Health and Safety Unit.

Other Services

There is a Cafeteria and Fire Brigade in İzmir Free Zone and also Conference Room Rental, Equipment and Personnel Rental services are provided.

İzbaş | Operational Advantages | Conference Room Rental

Conference Room Rental

İzbaş | Operational Advantages | Equipment- Rental Element

Equipment- Rental Element

İzbaş | Operational Advantages | Cafeteria Services

Cafeteria Services

İzbaş | Operational Advantages | Fire Brigade

Fire Brigade

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