"Lets Plan the Future Together”

11th Development Plan Provincial Meeting with wide participation was held on 14 February 2018 in İzmir Balçova Thermal Hotel under the coordination of İzmir Governorship.

General Manager H. Gürsel Bahçıvancılar represented İZBAŞ at the meeting. Preparations for the Eleventh National Development Plan (2019-2023), which will set forth the targets that Turkey wants to achieve in the next five years, have been initiated with the participation of Specialized Commissions and consultation meetings under the leadership of the Ministry of Development.

İzmir Provincial Meetings were held on 13-15 February 2018 under the title of "Lets Plan the Future Together”.

The preparation of the 11th Development Plan aims to directly involve local stakeholders, all citizens especially women and young people in the development plan process.

In this context, a survey was conducted in order to get the expectations and contributions of all segments of the society from the plan and to reflect them to the plan.