Free Zone Visit from Kütahya to İzmir

Kütahya Dumlupınar University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of International Trade and Finance 3rd Grade students visited İZBAŞ İzmir Free Zone within the scope of ”Free Zones Applications” course they took.

In the event held in Izmir Free Zone Conference Hall, Izmir Free Zone Director  Mehmet SİVRİ, İZBAŞ General Manager H. Gürsel Bahçıvancılar and Corporate Relations Manager Şenin Şen gave information about Free Zone Applications, contributions of Free Zones to economy and services provided to users by İZBAŞ.

After the presentations, İzmir Free Zone Manager Mehmet SİVRİ and İZBAŞ General Manager H. Gürsel Bahçıvancılar answered the questions of the students.

After the event held in İZBAŞ, the students visited Egesim production facilities. Emin DOĞAN, Finance Manager, hosted the students and gave information about the company's production and activities.