Chairman of Board Sevimli Speaks to Dünya Newspaper

İZBAŞ to increase transaction volume to 1 billion USD in 2020

İzmir Free Zone (İZBAŞ) continued its growth momentum for the last 3 years. In the last three years the volume of transactions increased from 350 million dollars to 700 million dollars. Now the the target is 1 billion dollars for the next year. In the last 3 years, the region's employment also rose from 1.300 to 4.300.

"We will continue this growth trend in 2020 as well. We aim to grow around 30 percent next year and a one billion dollar transaction volume. Now 72 percent of the goods produced by İZBAŞ investors are exported. We target 30 percent growth in 2020" Sevimli said.


"Energy transmission lines of the Zone have been taken underground with an investment of $ 3 million, with this investment most important complaints of investors regarding the power outages are eliminated." Sevimli continued.